A scorpion is trying to get across a river. He sees a frog and asks, “hey I called a lyft are you him”? The Frog was like “No, but are you good?” The scorpion says “look I need to get across the river. I worked a double and I’m beat, plus, I can’t swim, if you just help a brother out…” the frog looked at the scorpion, before he could answer the scorpion interrupted, “Look, I got $40 and a Wawa gift card”. The frog’s eyes widened but he was skeptical, “Look we both know how this works. My friend, Hops, is at the bottom of that river cause he helped out your kind”. The scorpion looked stunned, “OOOOHHHHHH, I see, my kind, huh. Made it a race thing. Wow, Ima just take myself further down river and tweet this shi…”. The Frog looked stunned, in fear of frogs being canceled he called the scorpion, “Hey, scorpion, hey look, I can help, no charge”. The scorpion stopped, “I’m not racist, it’s just that, I’m afraid you’re going to sting me then we both are done”. The scorpion turned around, “Look man, I get it, the stinger is intimidating. But I’m too tired to use it. Ima just head out..”. The frog hopped over to him and bent down, “Hop on I got you”. 

Just hopping around all day without a care in the world

The scorpion reluctantly walked on his back, and they were both off across the river. “Bro, I’m secure enough to say this, ya back is super soft”. The frog smirked, “Thank you sir. You know you gotta moisturize and keep it natural. None of that chemical stuff. Scorpion! Hey, you still there man?” The scorpion was staring at his skin, “Huh, YEA! Just got caught looking at this view man, breathtaking”. The frog smiled, “Oh, the view, yea, yea. I take it for granted. You are a little higher up than usual, take it in”. Just then the frog noticed the scorpion’s leg was shaking, “Hey, um, ya leg is going a mile a min, it’s getting a little uncomfortable”. The scorpion immediately stopped, “Sorry, sorry, just a little nervous”. The frog slowed his pace, “Ok, ima ease up, take my time, just focus on the scenery. It’s a nice day, the sun is …”. The frog’s voice faded into the sound of the flowing river. The scorpion was fixated on the frogs, soft skin. He could not fight it, he had to do it. “KA-STING”

Hard working man. Gotta feed my kids

“YO! MUTHA, AH! YOU STUNG ME!” The scorpion sounded confused, OH!, Nah, um, I think you might have jumped and hit my stinger. There must be salt in this water and I saw on YouTube frog legs move by themselves if you throw salt on them”. The frog yelled, “WHAT? Salt water? It’s a freshwater river and you yelled, Ka-Sting”. The frog began to slow down. The scorpion yelled at him, “HEY! You’re moving kinda weird bro, you good? The frog scoffed, “Are you good? We are about to die and you ask me am I good? You di et nuh..” The scorpion interrupted, “this is just me spitballing, but if I had to guess your body is seizing up. I know poison so I get it. I mean this can’t be my poison because I didn’t … Oh, ok now that I am looking at the bump on your back, this may be from me. Oh! You can’t hear me, you’re underwater. Aight If I’m going out, ima strike this pose claws up”.

In pics: Spring city decorated by beautiful rivers - Sights - Yunnan Express

And they both drowned the end.

My Tilley Hat

The moral of the story is, Frogs can be so racist sometimes.

LOL, Just kidding. It’s a spin on a timeless lesson, it is hard for us to fight our nature.  Its even harder to turn down a Wawa gift card


Published by Jamar Reed

I'm just a Father who likes to write. Hopefully my words will mean something in a sea of countless others.

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