I recently watched Dragon’s Dogma and I have to say, I was not disappointed. For those of you who do not know, Dragon’s Dogma is a RPG (role playing game) about The Arisen (You) trying to find and kill The Dragon. That is the bare bones explanation of the game. I honestly regret not playing the game after I saw the show. The game and the synopsis of the show differ, so I will only be talking about the show. 

(I will make a lot of the information general because I do not want to spoil it for you and I want you to watch it). 

Ok, the Series is 7 episodes ranging from 20 to 35 minutes. You can literally watch it in an afternoon. You follow The Arisen, Ethan. Who just had his town and family killed by the dragon. Ethan survives and swears vengeance by killing the dragon. After his village is destroyed he is greeted by a “pawn”. A being who is said to serve him sense he survived the attack and will help him on his journey. Over the next seven episodes you start to notice a theme. Each episode is labeled by a sin (Greed, Lust, Sloth, Wraith, etc…).   

Who is the real Monster?

As Ethan and his pawn, who he named Hannah start their journey they run into monsters of all kinds. But I love what the series does, they fight monsters but find the humans on their journey to be just as troublesome and dangerous. I mean they literally fight a griffin and in that episode that wasn’t the crazy part. As you watch you will start to see how duplicitous the humans are and how the monsters are more like animals than creatures that go bump in the night. Promise I will not give it away. Watching it, I really started to question humanity myself.

Dragon's Dogma | Netflix Official Site

The pain of Loss

There is a lot of blood in this series. I mean every episode a creature or person is dying in a bloody way. There is loss of love, legacy, friends, family, hope, etc… When these things are lost something has to replace it. Ethan’s revenge started to replace his love. He saw his revenge as him doing the world a service by killing the dragon. How many times have we justified our crap all because we have lost something we coveted so hard? I love that the series makes you really think about that question.

Dragon's Dogma' Anime Series Shares Trailer and Premiere Date

The Nature of Things

Everyone knows the story of the scorpion. It was in the scorpion’s nature to sting the frog. The series really asks the Nature of Humans. Are we redeemable or are we slaves to our less than desirable traits? 

Dragon's Dogma Trailer Reveals Netflix's Adaptation of the Capcom Game

On Ethan’s journey he sees the worst humidity has to offer. As the viewer I started to ask the question, is his revenge worth it. I get it he lost his village but maybe the Dragon did us a favor. The next tyrant could have been in his village. Problem solved. BUT, the next inventor could have been in his village also. We will never know. The question still remains, can we really fight or dark desires? Are we going mad because we know the world is horrible and it sickens us? Or are trying with everything in us to fight the darkness in ourselves?

Netflix's 'Dragon's Dogma' anime series is coming later this year

This series was a hit in my opinion. There is nudity, and gore. But it’s not excessive. It really makes you look at yourself closely. If you are not “that deep” then it will give you a nice balance of action and adventure. 

All pictures courtesy of Netflix and Capcom

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