SO! The time has come. Every four years we are given the honor and pleasure of helping to select the President of this here, United States of America. Oh and this one’s a doozy. The scrappy old fighter who still got a lot in the tank vs. The man who made us great and wants to keep doing it (his words not mine). 

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What an event this will be!

So, why should you care?

Well every election gives you a chance to voice your opinion of who you want to lead. You cast your vote. The electoral college takes that vote and makes you state blue (democrat) or red (republican) depending on how the majority voted in your state. 

Ok sorry had to give you that little background

You should care because this will be our leader. This will be the person who runs our country. Their decisions will not just affect you but you kids and possibly your grandkids. Don’t believe me. OK!

-Help vote act in 2002 made voting and registration easier for every American

-Clarence Thomas was appointed supreme court justice in 1991 by the late George W. Bush. 

-1965 executive order 11246 prohibited employment by Lyndon B. Johnson

-All the executive order that helped civil rights from the late 50’s to the 90’s – Various Presidents

Point is a president can make a law or decision that will affect not just us but generations. Some laws made during WW 2 still are in effect today. That’s why you should care. 

It’s not like I have a choice, do I?

The red pill or the blue pill: Endless consumption or sustainable future?

Yes, we all have a choice. I know there are only 2 candidates but is it really? KNOW YOUR HISTORY. The last election, we only knew of the 2 main party candidates but I recall there being like 5 or 7 names on the ballot. Prior to that I remember Ross Perot always having his name on there. No one said you had to choose the main 2 candidates. I would love to see an election where a candidate from the green party won. 

Or you could not vote at all. There are so many reasons to not vote at all. If it all goes to hell, remember you didn’t vote so you don’t get to complain. 

Common misconceptions

My vote doesn’t count.

Yes it does, someone counted to get the total for that state (LOL)

No, I mean it doesn’t matter. They will put in who they want in office.

That might be true. SO! Does that mean it’s ok to give up your voice? They shot MLK, does that mean the dream was lost? It may not count now so make it. Join the thousands of voices that are saying the same thing as you.

The person with the most money wins anyway

NOPE, the person who has the most electoral votes wins. And that’s too many people for any candidate to pay off. 

Oh so you believe in the system, huh

Oh, god no. It was made by people, meaning it’s flawed. I believe God and other people who see the flaws in it, to stand up and make the system better or tear it down and start over. But if they tore it down you wouldn’t have all your little creature comforts like, electricity. Could you really live like that for some time?

It’s all a conspiracy anyway

Oh, ok. I have some conspiracy theories too. Maybe they are trying to cause chaos in certain issues so we can freely give up our security. Maybe they want us to register to stop us from acting on our own and manipulate us. Oh, how bout this, secret organizations are tracking me cause they know I know what they think I might know but are not sure if I really know.

(All plots to every Avengers movie)

Who cares who’s tracking me. If so the day I received a social security number I was capable of being tracked. And by the way, who are you? You’re like a hundredaire. Who really cares if you didn’t scan that item on the bottom of your cart in Walmart. 

Conspiracies are above my paygrade. I have bills and a kid. As long as it doesn’t affect my family, friends and loved ones play political chess all you want. But if it does affect them my voice will be at a rally with the rest. 

Look just go out and vote or mail it in. You spend 30 minutes waiting to sit at Applebee’s. We will spend hours binge watching a show. Oh, and if I see another person ask who would win Goku or Superman, ima lose it. It’s been asked and answered for like 10 years now. If you can do all that you can take time to mail out your ballot or wait 30 minutes to vote. It only happens every 4 years. Not like I’m asking you to volunteer to take a vaccine. 

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I'm just a Father who likes to write. Hopefully my words will mean something in a sea of countless others.

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