You’re not a hero because you have super powers its because of what you do with those powers – Captain America 

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Recently I have been trying to figure out myself. My wife has been asking me “Hey, why do you do that?” I find it a problem that I really don’t know why I do some of the things that I do. Is it a habit? Did I have a point? Did I forget that quickly? So I have been seeking help in that aspect. I have also recently been seeking counsel and therapy. I used to be embarrassed by the thought of it but now I just want to feel better about myself.  

One thing I did learn, actually by talking to my wife, is that I only see the bad in myself and everything around me. It is hard for me to see the good in myself and recognize what I am good at, that I am special. SO, here is how to see and grow the good, in you, and realize, you are special. 

I know I wrote about something like this so take this one as a follow up. 

Think about it

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The first stop is our brain. No 2 people on earth have the same thoughts, ideas or brain patterns. I am learning I have a “beautiful mind” (sorry I couldn’t resist) and so do you. Recently I thought that I wasn’t smart enough because of the people around me. My wife and our friends are these bible and social scholars. I am not. “But J, you give people all this advice and you say you can talk to anybody”. These are all facts. My advice comes from my mistakes, the reason I can talk is because I spend so much time absorbing info and when I talk to people they get this heavy load of knowledge. Most of the time I’m just hanging with my son. I never realized that those always around me have heard this all before, so it’s old info to them. But that does not make my information irrelevant. 

You have to realize you have good thoughts. You have good ideas. Who cares if a group or anyone does not agree or understand you. If you are not hurting yourself or any body else, who cares what people think, do not let that discourage you. Your mind is a powerful tool, use it. Tell yourself everyday, “I am worth it”, “I can do it”, “Today will be great”. Pastors, Therapist, and Psychiatrist will all tell you, you need to build up that tool. You have to let your mind know and believe you can do it. 

Push past those mistakes

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In life you are going to mess up. It’s called learning. Don’t let anybody let you think they have not messed something up in their life. No one on earth has done everything perfectly. If they say they have, they are lying. It’s the only way you can learn. I make mistakes on an hourly basis. I’m learning to learn from them. Learning is a big part of life and no one has all the answers we are all learning. 

What you are very well versed in another may not be. Do not forget at one time you didn’t know that information too. One of my biggest pet peeves are people who flaunt their knowledge and get mad at you when you don’t know. Be humble. Also be receptive to the new information. Mistakes are part of life. If you learned from your mistake or are ashamed of your mistake no one has the power to rub your face in it.

Pay it forward

Gratitude or guilt? People spend more when they 'pay it forward' | Berkeley  News

The best way, in my opinion, to feel good about you is to make another feel good about themselves. I love making my son and students feel invincible. I have stated many times I work with special needs kids but every kid is special. Every person is special. I have spent years stumbling over my inadequacies to the point where I’m ok with failure, and I hate that about myself. SO, through hearing my wife say “you can do it” and my son and students showing me their bright faces after they learn something or I give them a simple answer to something that bothered them in school, makes my day. It also made me want to be more for myself. 

I have to also remember that every student and person is not going to get it right away. I had a student tell me, at the age of 20, “I finally understand what you have been trying to tell me”. I worked with him from about age 10 years old to 15 years old. I still keep in contact with my first kid I had as a 1:1. He is just living life to the fullest. Just because someone doesn’t get it the first time doesn’t mean they are less of a person or not listening (it could be a myriad of things that is blocking the info from sinking in).If everybody in the Bible or in life in general got the lesson the 1st time it would be a very different world. 

I guess what I’m trying to ultimately say is that no matter how you look, think, or how others say you act, know, you are important, special, unique, you are you, and that is enough. Yes you should never stop learning because you can always become a better version of you. Real people will see your spirit and your heart. SO don’t worry about friends. The real ones will always be there. 

The people have joined with you in the Sun Kal : superman

I know it gets hard dealing with people who just don’t get it or people who don’t understand. I spent 15 years dealing with children and their parents who don’t get it or understand. BUT, I never quit on them or anybody connected to me, why, because just like I want somebody to be there for me, I will be there for them. They deserve a fighting chance in life just like any other person. We all deserve a chance to be happy and proud of ourselves. 

Your mind and thoughts are unique. You will make mistakes. It’s ok, learn from them. Be humble. Pass on your knowledge. Be humble. 

Oh and if you’re wondering about the pic. You can really buy a pet rock. It’s just plain rock but to kids in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and maybe even today that rock is special to them because it’s their rock. Yup just absorb that for a minute. 

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Moment of transparency. I have been seeking counsel but also, watch Kung Fu Panda 1, 2 and 3. I watched it with my son and saw it in a whole new light. I might just do a blog on it. The theme of believing in yourself even when the ones you idol don’t believe in you is awesome. It really helped me write this one.  

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