For the longest I have never been on the overflow side of life. “What do you mean J”? Well I have always had to watch every cent I spent. I never had the best grades. I never had all the muscles. BUT, what I do have is a unique mind. That was what I felt made me unique. Guess what, so do most of you.

What makes Us unique 

Well to start I said most of us. Unfortunately sometimes we fall prey to the wrong thoughts of the masses. Like when we’re told to wear a hat in cold weather to avoid getting a cold. What was not told to us was that you can only get a cold via germs. When that one kid questioned that, knowing germs, bacteria, and viruses causes sickness that child just became an independent and unique thinker. That’s why I say only most cause some, and myself included, will not question comments like that. BUT, I have learned to not look at my perspective or thoughts as bad, just very unique. What makes you unique is that you don’t see the world like everybody else. You can do something only you can do and the fact that only one of you exist (even if you are a twin :-).

Take a look at this pic. Tell me what you see. (Write it in the comments)

This is no trick. Just testing your mind. I love the phrase a picture is worth a 1000 words. Can you really unpack this and really see all the layers in this picture, or is it just and animal to you? 

Praise God for your perspective

Hear me clearly when I say this. If you see through a morbid harmful lens seek help. I don’t want a person who is mentally sick to use this as an excuse. Not trying to be mean but I want to make clear that the unique mind I’m talking about is like a poet’s mind, oh, or like the painter who paints his portraits upside down (Boubou). Or like the person who saw the pic above and saw more than an animal. You should be happy about what you can do and own it.

Everybody will not get you

Let me ask you a question. Who understood Einstein? I’m not talking about the generations of people who studied his work, after he died. Not the people who studied his life, after he died. I’m talking about the people of his time. Who really knew Jesus in his time? He even told one of his disciples, you will deny me. Who really understands the full scope of me or you? Guess what IT’S OK, if many people don’t get you. Many of the family members do not get me, BUT, that does not make us love each other less. Guess what, we will not all agree with each other, that’s what makes life so colorful. Disagreement does not have to be a bad word. 

Don’t let anybody downplay your special uniqueness

I like Hero Academia, Naruto, and Batman. I know what you are thinking. Here he goes again talking about anime. LOL, just hear me out.

My hero’s protagonist, Midoriya, lives in a world where superheroes are common. So common they have a school for it. Most people have abilities. He was blessed with an extra bone in his pinky toe. He, like most kids, wants to change the world. He then meets his hero, the ultimate hero, All Might. All Might is getting older and the long story short bestows his power upon Midoriya. Now, we all can’t stop watching this underdog just push and save the world.

Naruto was seen as a failure of a shinobi. He struggled to learn. He barely won his fights and the reason he survived so long is because he has determination like no other and a fox demon in him keeping him alive in serious fights. He goes through betrayal from his rival/friend, rejection from girls and people just because he’s not the best. He suffers because he has such a heart for people and never gives up on them. (I will write a blog on him). 

Batman, in short, no abilities but the most dangerous member of the Justice League. The whole justice league in some way, shape, or form wants his respect and they have superpowers. 

All these characters are just fantastic bloated versions of us. Look at enough anime you will find your doppelganger, LOL. (might write a blog about that too, lol) 

I repeat don’t let anybody downplay what you are good at. I watched 3 videos of a guy who gives out ice cream. He’s in another country but I want to travel there to buy ice cream just to see his performance. I don’t know what makes you unique but you do. If you don’t know, find out. If other people can do it too, so what. Now you have a group of people just like you. My wife has unique business ideas. There are millions of ideas and businesses but hers are hers, they’re unique. She keeps pushing and I’m honestly jealous of her tenacity. I’m ready to quit after the 2nd “NO”. Go out there and change the world or just help one person with your unique ability.  

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I'm just a Father who likes to write. Hopefully my words will mean something in a sea of countless others.

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