Everything in life is connected. We all are connected (insert Lion king music) in the great circle of life. LOL. Seriously, we all have one thing in common and that is, a Mom. God made Adam, Eve, and Eve gave birth to kids. The first Mom (in the way that we view mothers). Whether her name be Eve, Gaia, Isis, Demeter, Danu, Izanami, Pachamama, Gigi, or Queenie. Moms have always existed and have played an integral role in shaping the great ones of our society. 


Wives are emotion ninjas. I swear there is a ninja academy for them and they study stuff like, NINJA ART: Argument Win Jutsu, POW! Or, HADŌ number 101: I don’t care if I did it last week, you can’t do that too. (I watch a lot of anime, LOL). Let their significant other and child fall off something. They will step over you, pick the child up, and say “hey, get up”. Straight face and in an instant look at the child (10 year old adult) “its ok baby, mommy’s here”. LOL. As a husband I see the dual role my wife has toward me and my son. She pushes me into spaces that I thought were not accessible. BUT, I never knew (until I got into that space) that mom had already prepared me for this new unknown place.


The woman who knows best. Mom has always been there. She is the constant cheerleader on our side. She never has an off day. If she rarely has one it is followed by a very, very good reason. She can do no wrong and as much wrong as some will do, you can’t not still have a soft spot for your Mom. Her sacrifices are endless. She has gone without (food, new clothes, friends, money, etc…) all for us. Moms truly are superhuman.

Grand Mom

The years of wisdom have refined her to a standard akin to a fine wine. Sweet yet bold. Strong but not overwhelming. Smooth but just enough bite. She has knowledge and wisdom on her side. Her perspective is wide. She laughs at the “young folk” for their “extraness” (taking extra steps to do something that really takes no time). Grand moms are astounding. Mine would cuss you out (I know how I spelled it. She did not curse, she cussed totally different). Blow cigarette smoke while doing it and then take you shopping. She would argue with her sister. Call her all 13 cuss words and still meet up for dinner with her the same night. My other grandmother was the patron saint. Anything she could do for you she would. She solved everything with a plate of soul food, ginger ale, robitussin, and iodine. Got a cut, get the iodine. Upset stomach, drink some ginger ale. Not feeling good, eat. Still not feeling good, take some tussin. Stuffy nose, allergies, eat, then take some tussin. Headache, eat. I think you get it, LOL.

God mom

This position to me is the most interesting. She can be a good friend, aunt, another mom, a wife, another grand, a mentor, anybody. My Sons God mom is the best. She treats my son like her own. When I say something to my wife about our son. She is receptive, but man, sometimes her emotion ninja kicks in and I’m like, Oh, my, that was harsh. She starts using her katana (talking) and SLICE! I’m in pieces, LOL. But, God mom can say the same thing and get away with it and then they laugh about it, LOL. God moms I salute you all.

Auntie God mom, Thank You for being the best. Thank you for tolerating my weird and crazy ways and loving my son. 

Queenie and GiGI, not grand moms, learned and seasoned Moms. You 2 are great. GiGi, you have an air about you that just calms me and little guy down. Queenie you keep him looking fresh and you leave such an impression on my son. Everytime he is in trouble or it’s time to go to bed he calls for Queenie. 

Aunts even though we may not see you often, you never leave our prayers. I know your prayers, talks, and calls with my wife have shown me that no matter if the child is in your house or not, you are still a mom. 

This is how I see the woman of my family

Picture rights owned by marvel and Disney (Black Panther)

I may joke and sometimes get mad but in all honesty my wife is the best for me. She knows pieces of my son that I have still yet to understand and vice versa. She kisses his boo boo’s, sings encouraging songs to him, plays with him (just like a kid), prays with him, reads to him, keeps him looking fresh, and loves him tremendously. Even when she disciplines him. It’s done in such a loving way. I’m like, get him, spartan style, and yell “THIS IS MY HOUSE”, or,  Two go in, one comes out, (Mad Max) LOL. She researches and prays constantly on how to be a better mom, wife, church member, and person. So to Quierra M. Reed, thank you for being the best mom ever. 

Published by Jamar Reed

I'm just a Father who likes to write. Hopefully my words will mean something in a sea of countless others.

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