I messed up enough so you don’t have to

We are in some crazy times. I work in education as an Aide in physical education. I work in what I was meant to do, teaching. I have a knack for reaching a child, even the ones labeled as difficult. I help special needs kids do basic exercises and sports during gym. Then we got the memo. Schools in NJ had to shut down due to the quarantine. Each district slowly closed all their schools. I was now home. Fearful of money, getting sick, and the safety of my family (health wise). About a week into the quarantine I was revved up. I was going to write and do all the things I could not do. We were still getting paid. We are online teaching, currently, I was ready to go and do all the things I could not do during a regular day. It’s about a month now and I, like so many others, are wondering, what is my purpose? I know I said to teach but what happens when that is taken away?

Re-purpose yourself

We all have a special skill and yes there will always be somebody better. But what you do and the way you do it is unique to you. I myself can absorb so much knowledge and relate it to anything. Me and my wife’s best friend do the same, we both absorb knowledge. BUT, she can apply it to people. I struggle in that area. BUT, I apply my knowledge to fixing things. 

So what does that have to do with anything? How do you re-purpose your purpose? Easy! First, know what your purpose is. Second, find what it relates to. Third, try it out on a small scale to build your confidence, build on it, then work at it ,more each day. Yes, it will feel uncomfortable at first but so does working out. Just like a work out, there is a long term goal. It sucks at first but then you are proud of yourself in the end. 

Try something else until 

A lot of places are closed and we need money and food. My second job let us all go and asked us to apply for unemployment. We entertained people in our escape rooms, but it was hard to practice social distancing in an escape room. The entertainment business is taking a hit. I read today that WWE let go many of their stars. Movies are going straight to streaming services, and sports is at a complete halt. 

If you have a child or children it’s a perfect time to impart your knowledge into them. If you have a craft, live stream it, show it off. If you sing, record it, post it and let us listen or watch you. If you write, blog, lol. Listen, I have seen so many vids of people preaching, singing, selling items, giving advice and they all have been, meh, quality. Guess what, I still watched. Why! Because I’m invested in that person, not how it looks. (some look like local PSA’s or used car sales commercials, LOL). 


In history we go through so many cycles. El Nino and La Nina (weather), various ice ages (all vary in length of years). War or epidemic before and sometimes after a political event (elections). A past Generation not agreeing with the previous generation.

I know this next statement will sound harsh but hear me out. We are long over due for this. In the last century there were 5 to 8 epidemics (cholera, smallpox, polio, HIV/AIDS, just to name a few). All horrible. In the last 20 years we have had 6 big ones (Ebola, SARS, measles, Zika, swine flu, and hepatitis). Again, IT’S ONLY BEEN 20 YEARS. We are supposed to have better medications and more knowledge, it does not make sense to me. 

The only thing I can think to do now is be patient, pray, learn, and wait this out. Life is full of inevitabilities, meaning certain things are going to happen. Taxes, war, disease, famine, weather and death are all going to happen and all we can do is ride it out or just wait. Some we can stop but we have to get past our greed and selfishness as a society to get rid of them (I’m talking about war, disease, and famine. Taxes, that’s a tough one). 

These are strange and hard times but we are resilient people. In the last 100 years we have gone through 2 World Wars. various other wars and conflicts (Korean war, Cold war, Vietnam, Desert storm). We have powered through more than 15 epidemics and pandemics. We have gone through presidential assassinations, civil rights movements, riots, and gender rights movements. We have been minutes away from total annihilation but yet, we are still here. You are still here. 

Re-purpose your purpose. You are unique and what you do somebody needs. If we can go through all the things previously mentioned then we can definitely power through this quarantine and delays in shipping. Remember we literally put lighting in a bottle, and now we have Cell phones and Wi-Fi. We went from sending a message via horseback (and it took months) to sending it online (it takes minutes). Shoot, an apple fell on a guy’s head and we ran with that to create the theory of relativity. Two brothers flew on a plane that was literally paper and an engine and 60+ years later we went to the moon. 

We are made of stars (Carl Sagan). Meaning the same things God used to make you, he used to make the stars. The same star that helps sustain life in our solar system, is what’s inside of you. If you don’t know after that, how great you are then, I have nothing more to say to you.  

Published by Jamar Reed

I'm just a Father who likes to write. Hopefully my words will mean something in a sea of countless others.

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