In a world where “everybody is losing their minds” (aaahhh, you can count on a quote from Heath ledger Joker for almost every situation), paranoia is not far. We are doing some stupid stuff (like buying so much toilet paper, why?) and being inconvenienced (you mean my amazon prime will be, delayed, faint) , but it could always be worse. I mean we could have a president who talks about people who have never died before…lol. He is actually handling this pretty ok, welcome to election season. Any who!, we look at situations like this and realize all the things that we lose. No toilet paper, extended shipping dates for our packages, hand sanitizer, Oh my. We never see what we all could gain. A lot of jobs and places are shutting down. I myself have weeks off due to the school district shutting down.  So here are my silver linings to what we could gain from all this.  

Better hygiene

During the bubonic plague Europe suffered heavily due to their horrible hygiene practices. Today we are kinda in the same boat. This one comes straight from my pastors, so i take no credit for this idea. I will expand on it. 

With all our technological advances and current norms people get complacent and lazy. Go to a public restroom. How many unflushed toilets will you find, how many people go in a stall and walk right out. Bro, you are not more of a man by not washing your hands. 

If anything this will get people to be a little more cleaner. 

Go out and play

SO, I remember growing up, we had a nice balance of outside play and video game time. In this time with all the schools being shut down kids can actually go out and play. If not that at least walk to a friends house and check on them. Encourage your kids to explore their neighborhood. Now I know you cannot trust everybody. Keep in constant contact, I mean every kid has a cell phone today. Shoot, track the phone. Kids can actually be kids. 

Talk it out

So you are stuck at home with you over hormonal twee/teen child. You are stuck at home with your overly busy and distant parent. You are stuck at home with your kid who went to college to get away from you. You are stuck at home with your spouse who you hardly have time to be with. It’s not going to be pretty but talk. A lot of parents and kids will be in the same space, all day, with each other. Create a dialog. Do not get so bogged down by escaping through friends, work and tech that you miss this golden opportunity to talk out an issue or more. Even if you don’t get to the issues, talk. As hard working parents we see our kids in the morning, at night, when they are in trouble and sometimes during milestones (recital, graduation, school event). The teacher sees them all day, sometimes after school and during school events. 

This is our chance, talk. Trust me it will not be easy but we have 2 to 4 weeks of time together (oh my), it will get easier.

Clean house

Literally and figuratively. I should see an overabundance of black bags and recyclables on pickup days. We have all wanted that time to clean our house’s, well this is the perfect opportunity. Take time to do that deep clean you have always wanted to do. If your house is spotless, work on that thing that you wanted to add to your home. 

Work on your passion

I get it. For a parent this could be very hard to do. With all the demands of our kids, it’s hard to do what we love. Also some of us are still working from home. BUT, there is a lot of time to rekindle that passion in, whatever it is, you love to do. Me myself, I plan on doing some stuff around the house, learning how to serve my wife better, writing more, and working on a few lego sets I have. Hey! Building relaxes me. There are 1000 other terrible things I could be doing with this time off. I choose to be constructive. 

Call people

This is a tough one. Pick up your phone. Go to contacts. Select that person’s number and actually call them. DO NOT TEXT, CALL. The biggest excuse we like to use is “I usually don’t have time”. Now you do. Call an old friend. The worst they could do is not answer.


Again, you never had time to join a gym. (Shoot can’t even go to one now) That’s cool. Exercise at home. Take some time out of your non busy day and get into a workout routine. Push ups, sit ups, squats, or download an app with some work out ideas and routines. No excuses, do it. 


I really can’t expound on this one. Find something you like to read and read it.    

Check on others

Take this time to check on the elderly, friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. You could call or go check on them. It does not take much. As mentioned before, call them, send them a care package or drop one off to them. Take time out to help out another. 

Use your imagination

That’s it, cant really expand on this one, imagination (lol, I literally just thought of the south park Imagination song), I can’t give you one. Experiment go crazy, but not to crazy (Don’t tell my wife but me an lil guy will be trying to do some trick shots on our nerf target 😉)

A few days ago, when I was out I was reminded of a Sunday afternoon after church back in the day. Cars were scarce on the road. Gas prices were low, People were out and not in a hurry, well most of them. I find that in this time we can actually focus on our family and ourselves. Like we used to do. We don’t have too many excuses. If nothing on the list tickles your fancy you can always rest. If anything take some time to be honest with yourself and do some self searching. We were given a small stacation with a reset button. Enjoy the time.

*For the parents, one word, melatonin, trust me

Published by Jamar Reed

I'm just a Father who likes to write. Hopefully my words will mean something in a sea of countless others.

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