The curious case of the Government

I have been watching the democratic debates. It’s interesting to see the democrats tear themselves apart and the republicans praise their almighty Sith Lord Trump. I can guarantee a few repulican senators have shrines of trump in their homes, LOL. JK. Anyway, I have been following politics since I was about 17. I always found it interesting to see 2 sides of the same coin battle over the highest office in the land by making the other person look terrible. In recent years I have come to ask myself a certain question, What is our government? Really! Are we really a democracy or are we a republic? Are we both? 🤔 Do we have shades of aristocracy or an oligarchy, or does our current president see himself as a monarch? 🤴This is truly a curious case. (I know what you’re thinking, “Ugh, a political piece?” Trust me read on even if you don’t think so, you will see how this affects you) 

What is the definition of our government?

We do not live in a democracy, republic, or capitalist… well yea… it’s probably more capitalist/plutocracy than anything.

When we think of the United States we think of New Yorkers🚕, Valley Girls🛍, Cowboys🐎, whiskey🥃, baseball⚾️, football🏈 and apple pie🥧. The world is so accessible today. Something like an outbreak in a small town in the middle of china will not go unnoticed. Information is at our fingertips and our views on life have changed and shaped how we think about everything. 

Our government officials have been adopting so many new views on leadership and policy that the lines have become very blurred to what we actually are as a country. 

A 🏛 Republic is when a group of people get together and elect one person to lead them. So if 5 groups (lets say 100 in each group) got together they will have 5 or 10 representatives and 1 leader over them (like our president)

A 🏙 Democracy is everyone participating in the election process of a chosen leader or leaders. So, again, if we have 5 groups (100 in each group) everyone in each group has a say in who is elected for what. 

💵 Capitalism is when the country’s economics are controlled by private owners. SO, you can have a business and you get a business, and you get a business (not a bad idea but also not a great one. (I’ll explain in a bit). 

I wish this were all true of America, unfortunately it is not. We have a Demorepluoliaritocracy. It’s basically Democracy 🏙 (10%), Republic 🏛 (10%), Plutocracy 💵💰 (20%) Oligarchy 🏰 (30%), Aristocracy 🤴🏾👸👨🏻‍💼👳🏼‍♂️ (30%). (If I’m wrong prove it in the comments). Oh don’t forget our dash of a sliding, generational caste 🏚 system (basically if you are born poor you will die poor, BUT, there is a chance (in america) you or your children can work hard and make it into another bracket 🏀🏈🎮🎭👙🎓)

We have a senate, divided into 2 parties 🐘🐴. Both parties are in it for themselves. While they argue over semantics and our narsasistic president the people suffer (Flint, Iran, IIhan, constant 911 calls by white women on people of color, Me Too, rising suicide rate (in black teens), female trafficing, rising mental health issues, rising working poor, need I go on). Again I ask,What is the real definition of our government? At the supposed core of our government structure there are laws, checks and balances supposedly there to help regular people and prevent the consolidation of one person having too much power. Our politicians are essentially servants of the people.

“How does this affect me J”? Well, how can you know something is wrong if you don’t know the right version of it? How can you change anything if you don’t know how it’s really supposed to work? 🤔 Can’t challenge what you don’t know. 

Where did the hierarchy come from?

So if you didn’t know you live in a nation with a clear and defined hierarchy. Now it is not new. The world has been like this for thousands of years. The haves and the and the have not, rich and the poor. BUT, what you probably didn’t know was The United States of America has been following this since the beginning. Land of the free home of the brave, right? Think about it. When the country was established all they knew was that the land was ruled by one person. Committees, Mayors👨🏼‍💼, Governors👨🏻‍💼, Senators👩🏽‍💼, Dukes🎩, Duchess👗, Guild leaders⚒🛠, Generals⚔, etc… were only put in place when a land, region, country got too big. Think about it. You are a ruler👑.There is a person in your land with a lot of popularity👨‍🎤, so before they rise up against you, you make them a Duke or Governor of the land, under you. Now, instead of this person possibly inciting a coup, they have a seat at the table. BUT, now you need a person in place, just in case the popular person decides to come against you 👨. Oh, no, but these 2 could now go against you and take over (hence the problems with a triumvirate). SO, you now make a smaller table🏞 under your big table🌎 and make a group that also govern themselves under you but above the people. You then make positions for some of them at the big table to offset the balance and use the smaller table as a stepping stone to advance or as a demotion to the ones directly under you. 

I know it was a lot but my point is that’s how Monarchies were/are run. If it doesn’t sound familiar take a hard look at our current government. Kings use to take women to their bed chambers to “break them in”. Our current president has multiple cases open for sexual harassment on women he tried to “get in”. Kings were above the law. So is our president. Kings have a council. Our president has a staff. Kings make decrees  and proclamations, so does our president, check his twitter. 

Sssssooooooooo, where’s the difference? 

Today, just like yesterday

I say again, none of this is new. We have been in this cycle for centuries ⚒⚔⚖🔬🔭📱. Even if we tried to change, could we really? Would our minds accept a society that could actually work 🏞 🧘🏽‍♂️? Books like Animal farm 🐷🐄🐑 and movies like Hunger Games🏹 really show us the scope of human creativity in government. Remember at the end of Animal farm the animals did exactly the same as their human oppressors. In Hunger Games the resistance finally won and wanted to start the hunger games, again, as punishment for those who put others in them. To me, it’s a real reflection of the human psyche. 

Even today we scorn Bernie Sanders for his “democratic socialist” views. Now, do I agree with him, eh 🤷🏽‍♂️, I’m like 60% sold. The only reason I would even consider it is due to the current state affairs of my country. Ask me this same question during the Obama administration, I would have been like, “Nah, things are ok, let’s shelf that idea for later”. We have to be able to grow past just trying to fix our broken system. If your Doctor died, would you try to resurrect🧟‍♂️ him/her or get a new one? If your shoes get torn up do you buy new ones👟 or try to duct tape and stitch up the broken ones? If you had bad food from a restaurant would you eat it or send it back? “J, those are whimsical and easy scenarios. A government, that’s different”. Not to me. If it broke, fix it or get rid of it totally. 

*By no means am I telling you who to vote for. I would vote for an independent in a pikachu suit if he/she was actually going to do good things for the country. Obama was not the greatest, BUT, he was good. Bush Jr., lol, well, I can say, at the end of the day, he did do the job. Even Bill had a lot of personal issues, but it never interfered with his job. (Until they tried to impeach him for it). Trump yes he did sign some good policies but his staff turnover rate is equal to a retail store. Over 30 counts of sexual harassment. His spotty business deals. I’m having a hard time backing this one. 

My whole point is something has to give and there needs to be change or this country will not grow or will inplode. 

Published by Jamar Reed

I'm just a Father who likes to write. Hopefully my words will mean something in a sea of countless others.

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