I love comics. I love fantasy. I love how art imitates life. I have been reading comics for years. Recently I have gotten to the point where I kinda know what’s going to happen next. Then I stumbled across a gem. The current run of X-Men by Johnathan Hickman is good. But then I recently read X-Men #4, mind totally blown. 

I don’t want to spoil anything for you but, SO, I will just talk about the purpose of this piece. 


A character in Marvel, X-Men comics, has been revealed to have the power of resurrection. So this character has tried many ways to help mutants succeed by siding with various mutant heroes and villains to stop the events that hurt and hinder mutant progression. After many attempts this mutant gets it right. (you can read about all this in Powers of X and Dawn of X).

The X-Men establish a mutant Nation on the island of Krakoa. (When you read how they did it, awsome). A governing body is made and the mutants finally live in peace. BUT, its a comic so the peace lasts for about 2 pages.

Fast forward to X-Men #4 (2020)

Again, not giving away the comic, I just want to focus on one page. On this page Erik Lensher better known as Magneto explains his whole plan for Mutants on Krakoa.

They are at a meeting with delegates from other countries. They are all talking about what the Mutant Island nation of Krakoa wants. One of the delegates basically said every time mutants get together it always leads to war with humans. Then Erik Goes into his speech. (I’m paraphrasing cause you should really go and read it)

We have learned from you. You have shown us how to really win. Leverage people with debt, make them want and need what you have. Make them pay you to become educated and healthy. Make them pay you to have places to live. Then when you own them, you control them. We will do the same

the food is delicious. 

So what does this have to do with society? It is not new news that Xavier was fashioned after Martin Luther King Jr. and Magneto was fashioned after Macolm X. Reading this is like a minority dream scenario. What if? What if Malcolm and Martin were still alive? What if they survived their assassinations? What if they both knew their fates and had a chance to change things? 

Erik is talking about a society that is made to keep you poor. A society that is set up so that the wrong type of people remain in power. Then he goes to say how they will buy society, change it, and weed out the “wrong type of people”, human and mutant alike. But J, he didn’t say all that. Well you have to read the others comics to know, that is their intent. 

But I will give you a little more to help you understand. On Krakoa housing is provided. They have Medicine that cures every ailment and gives you longevity and it’s free. Mutants have jobs according to their skill set. Example: Josh Foley aka Elixir (healing abilities) works as a healer. 

This comic is a minorities dream. It’s true. What if? For a real world situation. If someone threatened us, as a solidified people, how do we respond? Well for me I think Magneto’s responded the way we should. By letting the powers that be know, “your way, your society, the way you know it, will soon be over”. 

I know what your thinking, “J, that’s a comic, that’s fantasy”. Well, at one time Gay marriage was a fantasy. Blacks being seen as humans and equal in America was a fantasy (I know, still debatable). A man on the moon was a fantasy. An all African, African American, Asian, and Hispanic cast for a show or movie was a fantasy. A comic movie grossing over 2 billion dollars was a fantasy. Do I need to go on?

The Powers, yea, that the fantasy. The idea of people free of the shackles of a broke system, self sufficient and thriving. Now that can be a reality.

Published by Jamar Reed

I'm just a Father who likes to write. Hopefully my words will mean something in a sea of countless others.

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