Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece. Welcome to America where we have freedom of speech.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 30 years the name Donald Trump would mean nothing to you. The self proclaimed millionaire/businessman turned president stunned us all at the 2016 presidential election. He actually won! A man with no political background became our president lowering the bar darn near Mariana trench depths.

Let’s check out his background. As a lad Trump did not have a hard life his father (as we all later found out) made his money on shady business deals and ducking the IRS (Oh history you do love to repeat yourself. Just keep reading it will make sense in a bit). As a young man Trump was given millions to start his own businesses. He wined and dined with kings, queens, sultans and bacchanaled all night long. He wrote books on how to be great like himself. He married a beautiful woman and has wonderful kids. He made more millions in real estate and ducking the IRS (ah, see, told you it would make sense later). Alas like all great men’s stories his is marred with an underbelly of scandals, pornstars, and lies that are still coming to light.

His past is not what I have an issue with. Yes he should answer for his past crimes (Especially the 30+ counts of sexual harassment, among other things). It’s his today, to clarify its his mind. Why become president if you only want to plummet you and the country to the depths of Hades? For those of you who support him, Great! But beside the economy doing good (and that’s questionable ask all the millions of people that are considered working poor. Just because the unemployment number is down doesn’t mean people are not still struggling) what has he really done? Talks with Korea? (they booted him out the last Summit meeting). Relations with Russia? (Putin treats him like a side chick). All I see him create separation. Colored and Non-Colored, Rich and Poor, Idiocracy and Democracy, and The Law and Those above it.

Side bar: His presidency reminds me of that episode of Justice League when Lex Luthor became president and Superman had to end him and the Justice League became the Justice Lords. It’s a good episode. Watch it 🙂   Trump might be a supervillain, hiding his insane genius behind a facade of angry twitter rants. 

Ok, getting back on track. My question again is, Why Mr. Trump do you do the things you do? I do have a few theories.

Theory #1

He is mentally ill

It’s no secret that Trump had a mental and physical evaluation and controlled the end result of what the doctor reported (I imagine his head like pan’s labyrinth and David Bowe is walking around singing in it, with Jimmy Hendrix playing guitar 😀 ). But why guard this information. What could he gain or lose by not telling the public about his health status. Putin rants and raves about his physical and mental prowess. Justin Trudeau looks like he hits the gym and stands tall as a progressive president. BUT, Mr. Trump, well, he spouts lines that only pleases the crowd. He speaks as if he has all the answers (sir, come one, as Trevor Noah said, you are learning the presidency at the same time as us). His choices make no sense like throwing starburst at the German prime minister, yup starbursts, and then reluctantly signing the G-7 summit  papers. Dude, why did you even go if you weren’t going to sign them. That is a move I see from 

Elementary school kids when they want attention. 

He alienates our allies, called countries in Africa s***holes and believes global warming is a lie.

So why do I think he is menatally ill. Well I have worked with teens and young adults who are mentally ill, for years. I have seen many unique cocktails of mental disorders. Had a kid one time have an argument with himself about how he can’t burn down the school because he would get in trouble.

Mr. Trump shows clear signs of a narcissistic sociopath, garnished with some bi-polar disorder and topped off with twist of racism. He leans towards leaders who show absolute power (unless they piss him off, except Putin, lol). He demeans government officials openly called Cohen a “rat” and harassed Ilahn Omar to the point where she needed more security. (Yes, it sounded like she down played 9/11 but after listening to her twice I see what she was trying to say. Basically don’t put us all in the same category as those who attacked the U.S. during 9/11). Let’s be honest, he thinks he can do anything he wants and we gave him a lot of power to do just that.

Theory #2

He has know idea what he is doing and someone else is pulling the strings.

So it has been already said and thrown out there (and Trump himself has shown us) that he and Putin are pals. To me it’s more like Putin is Trump’s sugar daddy. Trump will twitter blast every other world leader BUT, Putin. I don’t care what possible dirt Putin has on Trump or tampering with the poles (cause it won’t mean they will boot him out of office). My issue is why make your staff and america suffer for it. Trump is the leader of one the worlds super powers, or is he. How many back alley deals did he do and now they are coming back to bite him in the butt? How many republicans did he give a piece of his soul to? How many strings are attached? Did you really need 8 billion for a wall? How many government officials were going to get a piece of that? What does Muller really know? Then he moved on from it and blamed the House of Reps Dems. Classy. I’m not going to sit here at attempt to string all his crap together. I mean, it’s out there, it’s not like he is quiet about his dealings.

Theory #3

He’s making it up as he goes

This will be a short one. If you listen to anyone of his speeches its clear to see, he has no idea what he is talking about. One week he will say “African countries are s***holes”. Then weeks later, African delegates came to the white house and he says we have to work together. Now some could write this off as him just being an honest guy and using his own language. He can have that one but what about the The “obama” “wiretapping” “misquote”. How he called Kim Jong- Un of North Korea, little rocket man… leave them be. Then went to North Korea to talk to them. Comey, Muller,The Clintons, McCain, all people he “misspoke” about. He either condemned them then praised them or vice versa. Its like when my students are wrong they either lash out more or just sit there. Then another kids calls them out on it and they get quiet and are like “no, no, I didn’t mean it like that timmy, let’s be friends”. Punk! LOL. 

Theory #4

All aforementioned theories are true

If you put all the previously said theories together You get a clusterf*** of the presidency under Mr. Trump.

Now some of you are probably saying “why do you keep referring to him as Mr. Trump”? Well because he’s not acting like a president, he’s not even acting like a politician, and that’s his allure. He says it how it is and don’t take no crap. Perfect misdirection, say what they want to hear while I screw the nation. Shoot I called both Bush’s president and never voted for them BUT, they at least did the job. Trump colluded with dictators, alienates our allies, destroys the checks and balances of our country, is clearly mentally ill, has a cabinet turnover rate equal to a fast food restaurant, and helped start a tariff world war. But I ask again, why? Why cause all this chaos, all this strife? Flint is still dealing with dirty water and Jaden Smith and other celebrities came through to save the day. Police brutality is at a high, and Mr. Trump’s twitter is quiet about that issue. But he will twitter blast a female in a heartbeat. If he’s so powerful at least say something on the matter, but he gets to busy harassing Ilhan and Xi Jinping (China’s Prime Minister). Why? Because he is a very curious case.


So I wrote this piece a while back. Here are some new fires our illustrious leader has thrown kerosene on and fanned the fire. 

Stray thought: If they shut down Trump’s Twitter for 24 hours I think it would be the most peaceful 24 hours of his presidency. On the other end he might make everything worse from holding in all that old person angst. LOL.

-Getting mad at fox news for actually covering democrats.

-Calling the Democratic debate “boring”. How dare they talk about real issues.

-Our ever rising border issue. If you are ill informed there’s a debate about the horrible conditions immigrants are being subject to VS. those who say “it cool at the border”. Interesting part is the public has not received a visual of any thing taking place at the border. It’s almost like when the masses saw the prejudice in the south on TV and it really helped ignite The Civil Rights Movement. I wonder if history will repeat itself. 

-He spouted a racist rant on twitter causing an uproar in the House of Rep.(Soooo, He might be a little racist. But I don’t know if he’s doing this to get a reaction or if he’s really a racist. I mean he likes hanging with and going overseas to save black rap artist, Maybe it’s a specified racism of poor blacks and foreign women, I really don’t know).

-Trash talking about the city of Baltimore (Ilhan, africa,  now baltimore, starting to see a pattern)

-He’s going to get A$AP Rocky out of Sweden (Crazy. For those who want to rebuttal against my last statement, I’ll play devil’s advocate myself. Save one african american, twitter blast an entire city, mostly african american. Yup, that makes it even. LOL). 

Again, he’s an interesting case.  

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I'm just a Father who likes to write. Hopefully my words will mean something in a sea of countless others.

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