This is Me

The Intro to Me, JKR.

In a world of repeated quotes, and in a time of so many opinions and voices. Why does mine matter? I mean any body with a laptop, cell phone, or ipad can write about anything. So again, why does what I say matter?

Well to start I’m writing from the view point of someone in the trenches. I work from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. I’m a father of 1, me and my wife have a “normal” marriage (meaning we both struggle together and it’s a complicated marriage). I can see from the view point of a normal, semi intelligent man. I’m not getting paid to do this I just love to write. I also have a view that may be very different from yours and cause you to ask yourself some questions.

I sit and talk to people all the time. One of my super powers is being able to spark up conversations with any body (especially at Walmart, Target, or Wawa). My curse is people telling me about their lives and just talking to to me (Sometimes about personal stuff). Why? Because I listen. Why not listen to them? I have learned so much from my random conversations. Everyone has a story and I never want to be rude, so I listen.

I also love to read. I read news, comics (a lot), game magazines, fitness and health articles, the bible, and my sons daycare work. Its in a language akin to English. I fear when I fully learn it he will speak and write in English. Any way, I love to read and learn new things. I also am a movie buff. When I say that I don’t mean one genre I mean them all. From Dune to Avengers, from Bourne to Skyfall, From the Proposal to the Devil wears Prada (I think you get it). If I don’t know the actors name I can tell you a role he or she was in. I will binge watch shows here and there. Fun fact, I always seem to know a show with out even watching it. Like I knew all the GOT references and I only watched 2 episodes.

My passion is, life. How it works, what’s Gods plan? What’s my purpose? What’s your purpose? I look in a room and see a story and the possibilities (and the exits, always have an escape plan. I Spent a summer binge watching Walking Dead. Not a good idea). I tell my friends all the time, when I walk into a room of people I see stories written on peoples faces. I read facial expressions. I ease drop on all the conversations in the room. I sometimes participate, but most of the time, im an opportunist and I wait for the right opportunity to chime in.

So to sum me up I’m a very different thinker who enjoys being a dad, pop culture, Sifi, God, Liberty and Life. I have a weird view point and maybe I will persuade you OR just get you to think about some thing. As long as you walk away with a nuget or two it will have all been worth the words you read.

Published by Jamar Reed

I'm just a Father who likes to write. Hopefully my words will mean something in a sea of countless others.

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  1. Maybe you should binge watch shows like the walking dead during the summer all by your lonesome. You never know when zombies will actually strike. You’ve peaked my interest I’ll keep coming back, to check but I won’t subscribe just yet. I want to see what you have to offer.
    “Great minds have


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